Genibo QD


Genibo QD

Genibo is a robot dog of 30 centimetres high and weighs 3.3 lbs. He understands 100 commands, such as "seated", "roll over" and "wagging tail. Genibo can navigate around obstacles, is equipped with a loud bark, a digital camera and the ability to interact with other Genibos.

Nice features Genibo QD

- Stroke the robo dog over its head, back or flank, or give it a ball and it will give you a happy expression.
- He has 3 color LED eyes that convey emotions such as happiness, distrust and other emotions.
- This robot animal has the ability to quickly understand human speech up to 100 words With commands such as "understand come here", "sit", "swing your tail," and "do a main stand.
- Genibo can take photos (355x288 pixels) with the built-in camera (in the nose) and bring them via Bluetooth to your PC or mobile phone.
- Bluetooth technology also makes it possible to control the robot with wireless commands.
- Genibo is equipped with the following sensors: wheel sensor, touch sensors, tilt sensor, temperature sensor, microphone for sound location.
- Unfortunately Genibo does not move smoothly, rather fast and jerky.

PC Software Control Genibo

The Genibo Control Manager is a software program for the user to gain control over the functions of Genibo. Once the Genibo is wirelessly connected to a PC, the Control Manager can be used. You can use the software to

- Edit and add motion.
- Editing emotion.
- Set up a wake up call alarm.
- Set voice recording so that family members can send each other a voicemail.
- Edit the dance moves.
- Allow Genibo to take remote photos via PC.
- Album Management so that you can manage photos taken by your Genibo on your PC.

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Genibo QD

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