Furhat social robot for face to face interaction

Furhat is a social robot that communicates with us humans as we do with each other - by speaking, listening, showing emotions and maintaining eye contact. Furhat is ready to meet you in the real world. It can serve customers, provide companionship, train employees or teach a language.

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Natural language understanding

Furhat's is very open, flexible, and elastic. This means that developers can easily integrate external natural language processing and understanding tools. On top of that, Furhat comes with a machine learning powered Natural Language Understanding tool that has some of the world's most capable context modelling features, using intents, entities.

Multi sensory

Furhat comes with support for microphones, microphone arrays, and of course, cameras. The Furhat SDK also has high fidelity simulations of sensory input. The system comes with support for several speech recognition systems supporting up to 40 languages, and one of the world's largest collection of synthesised voices in up to 40 languages


Furhat comes with a suite of powerful tools to create new faces and gestures for Furhat, capture expressive movement from users, curate coordinated performances with Furhat's eyes, head movements, voice, and facial expressions, enabling developers and designers to make full use of Furhat’s expressive capabilities.

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