Meet Femisapien, a developed, running and talking personality. This female robot is intelligent and interactive. She speaks her own language called "emotish" supported by sounds and gestures. No controls required.

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Nice features of Femisapien

Lift her head in the desired direction and her function mode will change!
Femisapien respond to you It will slow your backup singer, will dance with you or even gives kisses.
In Learning Mode, she is teaching.
You may have performed its subsequent movements, up to 80 steps long!
RS Femisapien is programmed with a number of specific functions and sounds like business cards presenting
They can even respond to your gestures
Femisapien has a responsive 4-way joystick for hands.
Each hand can be moved forward, backward, inward or outward to initiate various actions.
Sing aloud or play music within its range and will move her hips and arms to the music tune.

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