Etesia ETm65

The ETm65 is the ideal model for authorities and companies with many green areas, for whom lawn mowing is time consuming and labour intensive in terms of labour costs.

Technical specifications Etesia robotic lawnmower ETm65

Safety - Personal safety code and GPS function
Maximum cutting area - 9000m2
Dimensions - 97 x 100 x 45 cm
Speed 0.8 to 3 km/h
Cutting height 22 mm - 65 mm
Cutting width - 65cm
Slope rate of up to 30%
Battery pack - Li-ion 25 V
Energy consumption - 580 kWh per year
Weight 36 kg
Cutting system with three floating heads with 3 folding blades
Color - White


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Etesia ETm65

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Etesia ETm65 professionele robotmaaierEtesia-ETm65-professionele-robotmaaier.jpg
Etesia ETm65 professionele robotmaaierEtesia-ETm65-professionele-robotmaaier.jpg

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