Dyson 360 eye

Dyson introduced the 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner at the IFA in Berlin. The biggest improvement compared to existing robotic vacuum cleaners is the circular camera that allows the house and obstacles to be better registered and the robot to do its work more efficiently and accurately. The expectation is that the vacuum cleaner robot will cost around 1250,- euro.

Kenmerken Dyson 360 Eye

Wifi connected robot
360 degree viewing camera that sees your whole house and can therefore work efficiently
He uses self-chosen reference points in your home to navigate
Of course, he uses the pocketless cyclone suction technology always used by Dyson.
The Eye 360 has a digital motor
He can cross thresholds with a small caterpillar track
The 360 Eye can automatically separate dust and dirt
It can be operated via a handy app
Self setting of the working time
He goes to his charging station himself.

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Dyson 360 eye

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