Robot for every music lover. You can connect this baby to your MP3 player and he creates his own rhythm using the 7 different sounds and beats. He runs with his horn, moves his eyes and his ears while he spout the greatest sounds and beats you hear. And if remixes is not your thing then he works as a portable speaker and swinging. It does leave marks if he finds you hot or not, and he does by farmers, or to wind up encouraging.


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Nice features DJ IZ

DJ IZ has 4 functions. In the play mode you are in charge of the actions of iZ DJ and mix your own music.
In the DJ mode, all sensors in active iZ, and he mixes the music you give him.
This can be done by connecting your iPod to DJ iZ.
He also has access to his own "radio stations". By turning his ear to the station you find that you like best.
Most recently, DJ iZ has a speaker function. You just plug it into your MP3 player, and he serves as a speaker.

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