Dash and Dot

Dash and Dot

Discover a new world of play, learning and adventure. Meet Dash and Dot, smart robots that help you learn how to program in a fun way.

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Create your own world

Children can decide how they want to play. Dash and Dot teach them to programme what they think. Blockly is a drag and drop programming language that awakens like a puzzle. Start by sending simple commands , learn concepts programming as you play, and then create more complex algorithms.

Multiple ages

5 to 8 years : Young children can play with apps that weave music and movement together and allow children to make a performance for friends and family.
8 to 12 years : Blockly, a visual programming language created by Google, introduces more advanced games. Drag and drop blocks with code to make Dash and Dot trips through the house
12+ years years : Build your own application for IOS or Android with Objective C and Java. This allows children to get acquainted with programming in a fun way. In addition to arithmetic and language a necessity in the education of children today.

Award winning

Dash and Dot received the first prize in America in the National Parents Publication Awards 2015.

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