Compagnion dog


Interactive dog for companionship

This pet was originally developed for elderly care, but is certainly suitable for everyone else. This dog not only looks lifelike, but he also has authentic sounds, a soothing heartbeat and feels like a real pup because of his soft coat. The interactive dog is the ideal pet for people with dementia.

Robot Dog Functions

The interactive dog reacts to strokes, cuddles and movement by means of the built-in sensors. In addition, the dog can react to sounds by turning his head in the direction of the sound. By stroking the dog he becomes more relaxed and after a while he will close his eyes and go to sleep. By a knock on the back you make the dog awake again.

Ease of use

The interactive dog has many advantages. The dog does not need food, does not need to be cleaned and does not need to be haircut. This is a solution for people with allergies.

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Compagnion dog

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