Airdog drone


The drone for athletes that automatically follows you from take-off to landing and creates the most beautiful video images. This drone is meant to focus only on the action. Airdog uses a gyroscope Stabilized Gimbal (holder) to ensure that your videos are stable, every time.

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Airdog drones


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Characteristics Airdog

Airdog remembers where he took off, so if he loses you (or begins to empty the battery), he automatically flies back to a safe place.
The drone is intended for the GoPro 3 camera, including its protective case.
Durable and weather-resistant construction
10-20 minutes flight time, depending on the airspeed
Maximum flight speed 60 km per hour
With battery and GoPro camera total weight (1.85kg)
Airdog has a clever bracket that makes the camera point at you
The airdog is handy to fold into each other and therefore easy to transport

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