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B8527 Mindstorms NXT

The next generation of robots B8527 Mindstorms NXT. Create yourself the smartest and strongest robot in 30 minutes. LEGO many technical elements with state of the art sensors for sound, light and feeling. The robot's "brains" contains a powerful 32-bit microprocessor and more memory. Plus support for USB 2.0, Bluetooth and more!

Nice features of the B8527 Mindstorms NXT

With the included Quick-Start guide and user-friendly software, follow the step by step building instructions
Beginners and experts can make the humanoid Program software is available for PC and Macintosh
Bluetooth, you can even instruct the robot via your phone
Mindstorm NXT to drive with Android app
October 2010 The application shall Minddroid a wireless connection to the Mindstorm robot via Bluetooth, after which the smartphone as a remote control function. The operation can be done for the phone itself to move, probably record the accelerometer in the smartphone what moves the user, then the robot takes over this. Pressing a button on the smartphone, a second motor in the robot are activated that the Lego structure could perform certain actions.

Lego Mindstorms NXT Education version

There are two versions of the robot for sale. A consumer version in the toy stores and to obtain an educational version only sold to schools is. It contains components other than the consumer version. The software for both systems is similar. For the school version, there are many more exercises included. The consumer version is again more construction projects, such as walking robot. Look at [Build instructions] good or robot comes from the store or school, otherwise you parts too short to building the robot.

3 Interactive Servo motors: These motors have built-in rotation sensors to the speed and position to be measured.
Rechargeable Battery: Besides regular batteries you can feed the NXT brick with a rechargeable battery.
Transformer: Allows you to the NXT brick via the mains feed. Connects to the rechargeable battery.
Sound Sensor: May our ears hear the sound as it should. It can also patterns in sound recognition and sound recognition differences.
Ultrasonic Sensor: Sends and receives this inaudible sound again. May perceive this on what objects are remote.
Touch sensor: Push button sensor. Responds to pressure or no pressure.
Light sensor: light sensor on the surface colors and the Robocup soccer see. Daylight and can also absorb light of a lamp.
Additional items can be ordered: Acclerometer Sensor: Measure the acceleration.
Compass Sensor: This sensor knows in which location of the robot is and in what direction he looks

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Mindstorms NXT

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