Beam plus

Beam+ offers you the possibility to be "physically" present everywhere, to discover places remotely by means of handy navigation. Keeping in touch with family, friends, home care, remote employees, colleagues and customers as if you were right next to them. The package contains everything you need for an optimal Beam + experience.

Features Beam+

- Includes a driving assistant to help dock in the charging station (additional docking stations can be purchased to use Beam + in multiple rooms).
- Screen: 10 inch LCD flat panel.
- Camera: Two 640x480 HDR cameras with 30 frames per second video.
- Microphone,:4 capacitor microphone array (3 front, 1 rear).
- Characteristics: reduces echo and background sound.
- Speaker: Tailor-made acoustically sealed internal loudspeaker (70db by 2.5m).
- Battery: Integrated 12V rechargeable battery, provides up to 2 hours of continuous use.
- Wifi network: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz (recommended), 4G requires additional USB modem and data subscription.
- Bluetooth,for sharing connection.
- Management software.

Unpacking and Starting

Connect Beam + connect to your WiFi, download the free Beam App to your Windows PC or Mac, log in and your telepresence robot is ready to use. No need to buy external speakers, cables, docking stack or the controllers.

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Beam plus

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