Beam Telepresence robot


Beam Telepresence robot

The telepresence robot Beam enables face-to-face and informal communication anytime, anywhere. Make communication and join the team. The Internet is the beginning of a new era of global collaboration. Individuals and teams work together around the world and around the clock. The Internet is the beginning of a new era of global collaboration. Individuals and teams work together around the world and around the clock. However, there are a number of disadvantages for teams separated by long distances: - Informal communication is lost. - Videoconferencing becomes annoying for any interaction. - External team members are forgotten. - Trust and cooperation are less strong. Suitable Technologies was founded by people who were frustrated by these problems and provided a solution - Beam's first prototype.

Beam Remote Presence Device

The Beam RPD is your physical presence, anywhere in the world.

- 17-inch LCD display.
- Battery for up to 8 hours of active use.
- Ability to drive at human walking speed.
- High quality audio using an array of microphones.
- Natural field of view composed of two cameras.
- Powerful built-in speaker.
- Seamless WiFi roaming.

Beam Pilot Software Client

The Beam software connects you to Beam robot, anywhere in the world.

- Intuitive mouse/keyboard interface for driving, integrated with video display.
- Wide field of view of two of the RPD cameras.
- Full audio control.
- Fullscreen option for better experience.
- Available on both Windows and Mac.

Beam Dock

Drive into the dock - no need to connect anything by hand.
LED lamp lets you know when charging is done.
The cost for the Telepresence robot Beam starts at $16,000.

First experiences telepresence robot March 2013:
The robots are already used on a small scale on the shop floor. There are still many drawbacks: the machines are expensive, it is difficult to control them remotely, and sometimes the robots become unmanageable because there is no good Internet connection in a certain place. The robots can't climb stairs either, and some employees still find it a little uncomfortable to handle the robots.

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Beam Telepresence robot

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Beam, a telepresence robot with a big screen that a person can remotely control and use to communicate via video, became a breakthrough success in the world of robotics in part because of its role in helping high-profile, but movement-limited, people Blue Ocean Robotics has acquired all the assets and rights associated with the Beam telepresence robot from Suitable Technologies Inc.


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