Honda developed Asimo. The robot is 130 centimeters high and weighs 54 kilograms. The robot has the appearance of an astronaut wearing a backpack and can walk up to 3 km per hour and 6 kilometers per hour run. The robot is an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. In 2007 there are 46 ASIMO robots. The robot is now in third generation. Asimo is a humanoid robot. He has the look of a man and a man of the senses. The human form was designed to familiarize him, not functionality.

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About Asimo

Asimo visiting Nemo in Amsterdam
Asimo welcomes the Young Scientists On Belgian Robot Festival
Asimo to Italian to make debut in Genoa Science Festival
Asimo Travel to Windsor Castle for the 'Royal' Appointment

Latest news about Asimo

Honda stops with the Asimo Robot

Honda AsimoHonda Asimo.jpg Honda has announced that it will stop developing Asimo. In 2000, the android robot was the first machine that could move on two legs without tripping, thus representing a major breakthrough in robotic motor skills. Later on, the robot also acquired the ability to recognize objects and voices and to move autonomously. more
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