Drones build bridge; they look like Dutch people!

We are known here in the Netherlands as good bridge builders. But the competition is now coming from an unexpected angle. Drones who, together with all of them, are completely autonomous and build a bridge that can carry a weight of 1,300 kg.

Autonome drones

The drones you see in the movie above work together completely independently. The area in which they fly is continuously scanned by a system that scans the movements of the drones and controls them wirelessly. Only the anchor points are built by people. I see myself standing all the way in the jungle in front of a ravine, taking my drone out of my backpack and a quarter of an hour later camping on the other side.

The precision and mutual synchronization are amazing. No mistakes can be made, nor does it happen. Measured in centimetres and seconds, the drones succeed in constructing a structure. Flawless.

We live in wonderful times, don't you think so?

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Drones build bridge; they look like Dutch people!
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