Bot Care robot from Samsung

Samsung announced its first series of robots, home robots, retail robot and mobility support at CES 2019.

Bot Care

There is the Bot Care for medical support at home. Bot Care is a robot with a screen for a face that can not only display the 'emotions' of the robot, but also information about the vital health statistics of an owner. Bot Care can perform live measurements thanks to a sensor built right under the screen. Place your finger on it and the robot can measure your blood pressure and heart rate. According to Samsung, the robot of about one meter high is equipped with AI to learn from your health measurements.

Other functions Bot Care

Samsung has even more features in store for Bot Care, such as monitoring your sleep, whether you have taken your medication and you can do exercises and relax with 'music therapy'. If you fall, it is the intention that a doctor or acquaintance will be warned. These functions have not yet been shown in the videos so it remains to be seen how they will realize this.

Other robot platforms from Samsung

Samsung also introduced the Bot Air for monitoring and purifying air quality, the Bot Retail to support both in shopping malls and other consumer-focused locations, and the Gems exoskeleton to help support the mobility and strength of the lower body.

Nothing is known yet about the commercial releases for the robots

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Bot Care robot from Samsung
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