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Amazon the creator of Alexa, a smart speech assistant comes up with multiple applications and improvements to existing products to stimulate use. A good example is Show and Tell with Amazon Alexa. For example, the blind and visually impaired can hold things from the kitchen in front of the machine's camera, such as the Amazon Echo, after which Alexa can tell you exactly what you are holding. Amazon uses both computer vision and machine learning.

Scout, Amazon's delivery robot, starts delivering parcels after a successful small-scale test. From Monday to Friday, the robot drives around the Irvine region in California. The reason Amazon starts in sunny California is because of the weather. It doesn't rain much and the sun shines a lot, so there's little chance that the robot will have to drive in all weathers to deliver a package. In Seattle, where the robot was tested, it was different.

Amazon originally intended to reveal the robot, known internally as “Vesta,” as early as this year, but the machine isn’t ready to be mass-produced, the people said. While Amazon could choose never to release the robot, in recent months it has pulled engineers from other projects to work on it , Maybe a signal the company plans to sell Vesta at some point. It’s unclear what tasks the Amazon robot might perform. People familiar with the project speculated last year that the Vesta could be a sort of mobile Alexa, accompanying customers in parts of their home where they don’t have Echo devices.

Amazon starts testing an autonomous liver robot near its Seattle home in the northwest of the United States. The "Scout" is a six-wheeled all-electric trolley that reaches just above knee height. The robot has the size of a small cool box and rolls over the pavement at walking speed. Deliveries with the robots will take place from Monday to Friday and only during daylight. The trolleys will autonomously follow a set delivery route, but will initially be accompanied by an Amazon employee. The technology giant ensures that the devices "can safely and efficiently navigate around pets, pedestrians and any other object in their path".

September 2018, Amazon introduces new product upgrades and a ton of new Alexa-enabled products, including a microwave and car gadget. Applications based on Amazon's smart assistant for your home and car.

According to Bloomberg technology, Amazon is working on a robot, codenamed De Vesta, for the home. Little is known yet about what the robot could do. According to some, it should make sure that Amazon's clever assistant, Alexa, gets to follow you when you go to a room without a smart speaker.

Page 1 of 1, showing 6 record(s) out of 6 total

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