Robomotive is a joint initiative of engineering firm VIRO (approx. 550 employees and 7 branches), the SOTEC group (approx. 150 employees in 3 machine factories) and Michael Vermeer (director). Robot projects Robomotive arose from the increasing demand for turnkey customer care, particularly in production automation. Within Robomotive's turnkey projects, VIRO's extensive engineering knowledge is combined with the SOTEC group's extensive implementation experience. Michael Vermeer has 20 years of experience in executing projects of this kind (including Philips, DAF and Nedcar), including 8 years of intensive experience with industrial robots. Michael Vermeer, the director of Robomotive (link will come here), indicates that his company, as integrator, wants to bridge the gap between industrial robots and robots that can be used in the lives of consumers. Flexible, intelligent and adaptive By actively demonstrating the possibilities of the new generation of industrial robots, Robomotive wants to change the mindset surrounding the use of robots from "dirty, dumb and dangerous" to "flexible, intelligent and adaptive". Robomotive is approaching the transition from industrial robots to service robots based on the proven technology world of industrial robots (these are already reliable, safe, stable), supplemented by successful techniques from the service robotics world.

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