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Ugobe launched the Pleo robot first in 2006 but unfortunately had to file for bankruptcy in 2009. After which Innvo Labs picked it up. Innvo Labs is designing the next-generation robotic companion pets, each more lifelike using the Innvo Labs Life OS. Their team includes experts in design, engineering, life sciences, philosophy, and manufacturing support. The company’s unique products, known as Life Forms, intend to blur the line between technology and life by integrating three disciplines—organic articulation, sensory response, and autonomous behavior. Innvo Labs aims to revolutionize robotics and transfer inanimate objects into lifelike creatures. The company’s vision is to inspire mystery and awe in the young and the young at heart, providing extended novelty and entertainment. Innvo Labs continues to push the boundaries between life and robotics, re-creating species whether living, extinct, or fantasy. Innvo Labs is a world leader in robotic companion pets. Innvo Labs Corporation is a privately-held company based in Hong Kong and Carson City, Nevada.

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