Zoomer Kitty


Zoomer Kitty

Spin Master ajoute de plus en plus de jouets robots à son assortiment. Nous connaissions déjà Zoomer Robothond aux Pays-Bas et Zoomer Dino Jester a été un succès en Amérique. Troisièmement, il y a le Zoomer Kitty. Le zoo ne fait que grandir. Nous voyons que Spin Master fabrique des jouets robotisés de plus en plus performants.

Features Zoomer Kitty

Do not think that just Kitty is a cat version of the dog in 2014. Zoomer Kitty can much more . The robot cat not only responds to your voice, but also show gestures and can even follow your gaze with her eyes Zoomer Kitty makes much better sound than we were already knew drom the Zoomer Dog It is suitable for children aged 3 to 9 years Her eyes change color to show how she feels. Your Purfect friend

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Zoomer Kitty

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