Meccano Spykee Vox Robot

Meccano Spykee Vox Robot

Le Meccano Spykee VOX est un robot robuste que vous pouvez contrôler non seulement avec la télécommande infrarouge fournie, mais aussi avec votre voix !

Meccano Spykee Vox Robot est fabriqué par



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Building different robots

The set consists of no less than 200 parts. This allows you to build three different robots. It is possible to play music with the Meccano Spykee VOX. The robot can be connected to an iPod Touch or other MP3 player. So you can listen to your favourite music anytime, anywhere! As soon as you talk to the Meccano Spyke VOX he reacts. The robot can be the good guy or the bad guy. As soon as he guy the bath he can drop a bomb or fire at his opponent.

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