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Karotz dispose désormais d'une'app store'. Karotz peut installer de nouvelles applications à partir du site Web. Ces applications sont continuellement mises à jour et améliorées. Une des innovations de Karotzis que le lapin a une caméra intégrée. Cela vous permet de suivre l'évolution de votre propre maison à l'aide d'un ordinateur ou d'un smartphone.

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Features Karotz Robot Rabbit

He has a microphone in his stomach. This allows yoy to give voice commands when Nabaztag read out your RSS feeds or emails.
You can also send recorded audio messages to other Nabaztag owners.
Also included is the new rabbit RFID chip, which for example automatically recognize chipped books, read en aloud them.
Finally a rabbit that responds to commands! Push the button on top of his head a few seconds until it beeps, then say the command out loud.
If you let the radio play, automatically the rabbit selects a radio station in your chosen language.
It is also possible to create new things to write your Nabaztag can perform. This works using APIs.
On the Internet you can find new applications for Karotz. Or write a new application yourself.
Karotz now includes an 'app store' features. Karotz can install new applications from the website. These apps are continuously updated and improved.
One of the innovations of Karotzis that the rabbit has a built-in camera. This allow you to keep track on your own house using a computer or smartphone.
Nabaztag could already communicate through messages but now you can have free calls to other Karotz

Keychain for your Child

Flatnanoz keychains for your child. Your child holds the key before Karotz when he or she comes home and as a parent you get a message on your phone.

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