New Husqvarna Automower listens to Alexa

Husqvarna introduces the Automower X-Line, which can be operated with speech recognition via Amazon Alexa. The latest technology, combined with optimal connectivity and premium design, make Husqvarna Automower a smart robotic mower. Naturally, the ease of operation, the beautiful cutting result and durability are combined.

You can easily set up the mowing program of the Automower X-line or control it via an app on smartphone or tablet. New is the compatibility with Amazon Alexa. Thanks to the speech recognition you can also ask Alexa to put the robotic mower to work, to stop, park or inform where the mower is located. Alexa answers directly on behalf of the Automower with the right information. The first version is in English, other languages will follow in due course.

Latest technologies

The X-line series consists of various models that all use the latest technological developments. They are standard equipped with gps-navigation and ultrasonic sensors. For example, the Automowers remember exactly which part of the lawn has been cut and which part has not yet been cut. The Automowers do not care about narrow passages (60 cm), unevenness in the lawn or slopes of 45%. The robot's mowing routine is automatically adjusted to the growth of the grass. Mow more often when it is warm and humid and less often during dry and cooler periods. Integrated sensors detect obstacles remotely. For example, trees, branches and garden benches are bypassed, but cats, rabbits or hedgehogs can also move safely over the lawn. The premium design includes LED headlights for night vision and rubber bumpers to prevent scratches.

A characteristic of Husqvarna robotic lawnmowers is that they do not do their work in a straight line. Without skipping a blade of grass, they move criss-cross over the lawn. The result is a level lawn without rutting. During mowing, the grass is so finely shredded (mulched) that it serves as a natural lawn feed in the event of a relapse. The Automowers do their work in complete silence and do not care about wind or rain. Is the battery almost empty? The robotic lawnmower automatically goes to the base station to charge. The Automower 450X, the top model, has a cutting capacity of 5,000 m2 per 24 hours.

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New Husqvarna Automower listens to Alexa
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