Getting to know the future

Stadkamer and RobotXperience will introduce visitors to the future. From 3 to 7 October 2018, Stadkamer en RobotXperience will organise a five-day innovation pop-up in Stadkamer Centrum aan de Zeven Alleetjes 1 in Zwolle. Visitors, employees, teachers and business relations can experience robots and new technology for themselves and learn what they can do with them. From a 'humanoid' robot that keeps you company, a social desktop robot and smart digital assistants for your home, to technology that allows you to be at another location via 'telepresence', everything about smart software and the latest technology trends.

Digital skills

Stadkamer focuses on basic skills such as 'reading language'. Technological developments are going very fast and 'digital' will also become one of the basic skills of people. Astrid Vrolijk-de Mooij, director of Stadkamer, explains why Stadkamer wants to play a pioneering role in this: "Technology occupies an important place in our lives and there is still a lot to come. We find it important to take our visitors on this technological journey by letting them experience for themselves what robots and technology can mean.

Experience and discover

Randall van Poelvoorde, founder and partner at RobotXperience, explains what the innovation pop-up does to people: "Anyone who experiences, sees, touches or talks to new technology becomes fascinated. We can see, recognize and hear more with the use of technology. Smart software and artificial intelligence gives us more and more knowledge. With the innovation pop-up, people can get to know the technology that will change our lives and work in an accessible way. And most importantly: it's intuitive, fun and inspiring!

More than gadgets

During the five-day innovation pop-up, not only will the technology be demonstrated, but several lectures will also be given to increase the level of knowledge of visitors. Topics will include 'Robots and technology for SMEs', 'Robots now and in the future', 'Impact of robots and technology on education' and 'how customers and technology are turning the world upside down'. See the schedule of the RobotXperience and lectures during the innovation pop-up.

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Getting to know the future
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