Interesting robots at CES 2018

Every year, the latest electronics and robotics are presented at the CES. The fair gives a foretaste of what to expect in the coming year. We have listed a number of interesting robots for you. If you want to follow the latest development, please visit our Twitter channel with the latest news from the CES 2018.

LG CLOi desktop robot

This desktop robot, the cute white round CLOi, with a black circular face and glowing blue eyes, is supposed to act as the hub of your smart home. You can ask for the settings of your washing machines to be adjusted or for the recipe to be taken from your smart fridge.

Beampro 2 Telepresence robot
Beampro 2 Telepresence robot

Suitable Technologies, maker of the Beam series of telepresence robots, has unveiled with the BeamPro 2, its latest high-end device. Like all telepresence robots, the main function of the BeamPro 2 is flexible remote video communication: employees can roll remotely to their workstation, or customers can visit a showroom remotely.

Buddy Robot
Buddy Robot

The Buddy robot helps with communication, safety, education and activation and can help with care for the elderly. The Buddy has already been announced as a kickstarter in 2015 but now seems to be actually making its appearance.

Robotic for children with cancer

A plush, robotic duck for children who have cancer. A social robot that can be foolish, cheerful, angry, anxious, scared or sick, just like them, and that helps them to deal creatively with their illness by the power of the game. This duck has a lot in common with Paro, the robot seal.

Loomo robot
Loomo robot

The most important starting point of the Loomo (segway) is that you can ride like a floating board on it, but once you get out of it, the head turns around and it becomes a face. The robot can follow you independently, take photos on request, work as a security robot and make everyone laugh at his intellect and personality.

LG Service robot
LG Service robot

Experience the future of hospitality with the impressive new LG CLOi Intelligent Work Robots. These remarkable machines help guests feel more comfortable, reducing the need for additional staff. First of all, the Serving Robot carries drinks and meals on a tray. It works like a waiter and brings food directly to the table. As soon as you remove your order from the drawer, the robot returns to the kitchen.

Lenovo Smart Assistant
Lenovo smart assistant

With the Lenovo Smart Display, the Google Assistant can help you start your morning and get the latest weather, traffic and meeting schedules, or relax in the evening by calling Google Duo friends in Google Duo videos, watching YouTube, enjoying your favorite music, or managing your connected devices - all with your voice and a quick glance at the screen.

Luka the robotic owl
Luka robotic owl

Luka de robotuil reads stories for children. The idea is to encourage them to learn to read themselves Luka is aimed at children between two and eight years old. Luka will be for sale in the US later this year.

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Interesting robots at CES 2018
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