Robot Care-E carries your luggage and walks with you

This summer KLM will be testing a new technical masterpiece that will make travelling a lot easier. Robot Care-E will carry your luggage and escort you to your gate. The robot was created to improve the flow at the airport and make travelling easier. You will be greeted by Care-E, after which it will ask for your flight ticket. The friendly eyes of the device point you to the scanner and look happy when your airplane ticket is approved.

Application Care-E

On the back of Care-E there is space for a suitcase or bag that can weigh up to 38 kilos. Then the robot 'walks' with you, at a speed of almost five kilometres per hour. That is the average human walking speed.
Care-E is self-propelled and therefore does not need to be controlled. Because it is linked to different information systems within the airport, it knows where to go. Care-E also receives this information when a gate is changed. So the robot always takes you to the right gate. It also takes you to shops and restaurants, and it even waits for you when you visit the toilet on the way to the gate.
By means of a sensor in the robot, it can independently monitor its environment. With built-in distance meters, it dodges obstacles and will not collide with you.

Care-E wordt deze zomer getest en later dit jaar als pilot op het John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York en San Francisco International Airport ingezet.

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Robot Care-E carries your luggage and walks with you
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