Cozmo dino

Cozmo is a super smart, playful, and adorable toy robot.with a personality to play games with you. Cozmo comes with power cubes that light up or change color when Cozmo is interacting with you or his environment.

Cozmo is manufacturered by



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Cozmo connected smartphone app

Cozmo’s core functionality relies on the companion app. Available on iOS and Android devices, Cozmo app connects to the robot via Wi-Fi. There are numerous activities and games within the app, and new ones can be unlocked as you play with Cozmo. Quick tap is played by tapping a power cube quicker than Cozmo when the colors match. Another game, Keepaway, challenges users to keep a power cube out of Cozmo’s reach. The games are fun, but Cozmo’s reactions are the best part. See for a good insight the video or the comprehensive report of simplebotics.

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