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Exact Dynamics es una empresa que opera activamente desde 1991. En ese momento, nuestro primer manipulador robótico, el Manus, fue desarrollado y fabricado. Cuando el ARM, el sucesor de los Manus, se hizo ampliamente conocido, mucha gente se dio cuenta de que un manipulador robótico como el ARM podía mejorar su forma de vida.

Product Development

Throughout the years, we have been able to improve the iARM due to our customer feedback. This resulted in the smaller, lighter and better intelligent ARM (iARM).

Meanwhile, we have expanded our product assortment, and have begun developing a product providing to support one's arm. A few years later, the DAS (Dynamic Arm Support), was created. The purpose of this product is to compensate for the forces of gravity exerted onto ones arm, making the arm essentially weightless.

A Multinational Business

s demand of our products in Europe increased, a new company called Assistive Innovations was established. Since the 1st of January, 2006, Assistive Innovations is our representative within Europe. Now, in addition to Europe, Exact Dynamics is represented by agencies in several countries, including North America (Assistive Innovations Corp.), Japan (T-tools) and Korea. These agencies take care of sales and maintenance within these countries, as we believe that we can provide the best service when communication and culture is kept within country boundaries.

Exact Dynamics' objective is to remain the respected and well known supplier of rehabilitation products as it has been since its foundation back in 1991.

Academic Cooperation

Throughout the years, Exact Dynamics has built the reputation as a trusted partner in cooperating with universities and other research institutes. This ensures that we always have state-of-the-art technology and ensure that we are able to integrate the latest technologies into our products. We are always interested in universities who are willing

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