Robot Sophia, surprisingly human

During an interview on stage in Saudi Arabia, Robot Sophia, Hanson robotics, shows that she is surprisingly human in her expression and her answers.

When asked whether robots could have human consciousness and whether they should have, Sophia did not immediately give clear answers. "Why? Is that bad", she asked evasively? When the question was repeated, Sophia once again answered with a question again.

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Robot humanoïde Sophia de Hanson robotics
Sophia robot humanoïde

Robot Sophia est le plus récent robot à l'allure humaine, réalisé en combinant les innovations scientifiques, technologiques et artistiques. Le robot a été créé comme une personnification pour l'avenir de l'IA, mais aussi comme un cadre pour la recherche avancée en IA et en robotique, et comme un agent pour explorer l'expérience humain-robot dans les applications de service et de divertissement.

Robot Sophia

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Discussie rondom AI en wetgeving over robots

Sophia is clearly a next step in the development of robots. It will undoubtedly lead to renewed discussions on artificial intelligence and the legislation on the development and deployment of robots.

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