Will Amazon bring a robot to your home?

According to Bloomberg technology, Amazon is working on a robot, codenamed De Vesta, for the home. Little is known yet about what the robot could do. According to some, it should make sure that Amazon's clever assistant, Alexa, gets to follow you when you go to a room without a smart speaker.

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The Vesta project

Although Amazon has not yet confirmed it, there are several developments that do point in this direction. The Vesta project is being developed by Amazon Lab126, the hardware research lab in California. The project has been going on for a number of years, but now there are dozens of vacancies that are hammering towards a robot of their own.

Logical Development
It seems logical that Amazon is working on this. Speech-driven technology creates a new playing field when it comes to searching and interacting with machines. This provides opportunities to gain market share, particularly from Google. With Alexa, Amazon was the first to bring a smart assistant to market. Why not extend this line with the first smart home robot?

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