Deskrobot or counter robot

A deskrobot is a device with robotic features that you can place on your desk or kitchen table. A desk robos does not move but is able to communicate verbally with you, share information via voice, play music or videos. The deskrobot comes with good microphones and a camera to watch your mood and is connected to the internet. They are the forerunners of real social robots in our household.


Deskrobot or counter robot related robots

Google home, smart assistant
The digital assistant

Google home, a Google device in your home that you can talk to. It is a loudspeaker with far-field microphones that you can hear from all over the room. The device will answer your questions, play your music, manage your calendar and mail and can control your home automation.

Google Home

Amazon echo smart assistent
Digital assistent

Echo can best be described as a speech-driven personal assistant with 360-degree micophone. The device is continuously on standby and in contact with Amazon Cloud Servers. Activate it by using a code word, in this case 'Alexa', and then asking your question or giving your command.


Echo Show Amazon
Digitale assistent with touchscreen

Amazon comes with a successor to the Echo, the Echo Show. A smart speech assistant with a touchscreen. The Amazon Echo show mainly uses voice control

Echo Show

Furo-I Home desktoprobot
FURo-i Smart Home Robot

The FURo-i is a robot for consumers that enables them to be present remotely. For example, to support friends and family or to see how the pets keep themselves.


Jibo-de-interactive robot-in-house

Jibo is a desk robot that is actually an addition to the household. Jibo can see, listen, speak, help and even learn. You can place the desk robot in your kitchen, living room or bedroom.


Tapia robot

After a long day Tapia will enlighten your heart with jokes and laughter. Sit close to Tapia and the robot will help you to make contact with people who are important to you with a video call. Tapia can also tell you the latest weather information when you go outside and you can add music when you want to relax or change your mood. Languages : Japanese

MJI Communicatie Robot Tapia

Eywa E1, AvatarControls
Smart Home Security Robot

Your house is the main goal for Eywa. The deskrobot looks a lot like Jibo but according to the producer it provides different functions.

Eywa E1

Amazon Echo Spot
Second generation home device

Echo Spot is designed to fit anywhere in your home. Use 2nd generation voice recognition to watch video, listen to music, retrieve weather forecasts, watch to-do and shopping lists, browse, browse and listen to acoustic audio books and more.

Echo Spot

Afobot desktop robot
AfoBot desktoprobot

The video companion robot "AfoBot" features voice interaction, facial recognition and video conversations to improve communication, entertainment and assistance to improve daily life. AfoBot with the AfoTalk mobile app provides a great communication tool for families to stay in touch.


Desktoprobot Xperia Agent van Sony
Xperia Agent

The Xperia Agent is a prototype of Sony's vision of a physical digital home assistant. This desktop robot is equipped with a screen, so you can see for example who is calling, which music is on, what the weather will be for that day or what your calendar looks like. At the top is a camera, so that the Xperia Agent can see with whom he is communicating, and also two vertical lines, which act as eyes. The fact that the 'head' can move and the 'eyes' are animated - they even flash - gives a human touch. As you would expect from Sony, we worked on the integration with TV. Image and videos can be easily displayed on the TV screen.

Xperia Agent

Tessa social robot for home
Tessa, social robot

Tessa, a social robot supports the daily structure and gives suggestions for activities. Activation is where it runs. With text and music.


Echo Dot, third generation
Echo Dot, third generation

Echo Dot is a popular voice-controlled speaker and now offers even better sound compared to the previous generation of Echo Dot, as well as a new design. Alexa can play music, answer questions, read messages and weather reports, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices and more.

Echo Dot, third generation

Adorable robot Vector from Anki
Vector robot

Vector is an advanced home robot at a price of about $250, - which means you can get it in the house. He is the small beginning of the promise to live with robots in a way we have only seen in science fiction films. He is a curious man who is aware of his surroundings. He can see, hear and feel, allowing him to respond naturally to the world around him. The small robot works as a smart assistant, but it can also move, react and take the initiative. Vector is smart enough to take over the world but nice enough not to.

Vector robot

Google Home Hub
Google Home Hub

Long expected, the Google smart assistant with screen, called the home hub. Besides voice control, you can also use the touchscreen. Logical applications of the new Home Hub are showing recipes, YouTube videos and calendar information. And of course there is a link to music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music playback. When not in use, the Home Hub displays on its screen photos from the user's library, as well as information about time and weather. You can buy the Google Home Hub in 4 colors. Namely charcoal, aqua, chalk or sand for a price around $150. Available from October 22nd in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.

Google Home Hub

Furhat robot
Furhat social robot for face to face interaction

Furhat is a social robot that communicates with us humans as we do with each other - by speaking, listening, showing emotions and maintaining eye contact. Furhat is ready to meet you in the real world. It can serve customers, provide companionship, train employees or teach a language.


ELLIQ desktop robot
ElliQ a friendly robot in your daily life

ElliQ is a friendly, intelligent, intelligent, curious desktop robot in your daily life with tips and advice, answers to your questions, surprise you with suggestions. ElliQ makes it easy to get more out of the technology. From helping you read and respond to messages, sharing photos, making appointments to remembering medication.


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