Roomba i7+ smart robot vacuum cleaner

Roomba i7+ is an impressive device with lots of useful features. The i7+ makes a map of your house recognizes several rooms, can be controlled with the Google voice assistant ('Hey Google, clean the living room'). The integration with Google Home is very nice. Using voice commands to quickly clean specific parts of the house sounds like ultimate laziness, but is surprisingly practical.

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Clean Base

The most important innovation of the i7+ is a small rubber flap in the dust collector next to which we find the caption 'Automatic Dirt Disposal'. When the robot returns to the Clean Base after vacuuming, this flap is positioned exactly above the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner built into the Clean Base, after which it automatically vacuums the robot's collection tray. The rubber flap opens due to the suction power, and closes again when the base stops vacuuming.
The automatic vacuuming of the vacuum cleaner may sound like a sales pitch, but it is certainly useful in practice. The container of the robot itself is limited in volume and, depending on the amount of dirt in the room, will already be full after one or two vacuuming sessions. The Clean Base is equipped with a normal dust bag, in which Roomba can be emptied up to thirty times according to the instructions.

Mapping of the living room: A disadvantage is the fact that the robot does not dynamically adapt its card to changes in the living space. This may be fixed later by the software update.

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