Tombot robot dog

Taking care of a pet can be difficult for seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and are forced to depend on others for their own daily affairs. When a live pet or emotional support animal is no longer safe or practical, Tombot can provide a viable option to enrich the lives of seniors. Tombot’s robot Puppy can be an invaluable tool for increasing social engagement in the elderly, and for redirecting “challenging" behaviors.

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A Labrador robot dog

The robot dog has a realistic appearance: A user-friendly design that is authentic to a real dog's anatomy. It shows lifelike expressions and behavior, autonomous but also interactive. Software control system allows the robot to respond to users in a manner consistent with how a real dog would respond. De robot response to voice commands through a voice recognition system that listens to commands and responds accordingly. De robot dog has an all-day battery life and can be easily charged life with a cord that plugs in for overnight charging.

Kickstarter : For $ 299,- you can be one of the first to expect your tombot at home. For now delivery is only in the united states

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