The supply of drones is growing rapidly. People are discovering more and more applications for these versatile, sometimes autonomous devices. Drones are used for inspection, surveillance, film and photography, delivery, and of course for entertainment. The technology in drones is also found in robots. A drone uses sensors, is partially autonomous and moves forward.

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Airdog v2 drone

The drone for athletes that automatically follows you from take-off to landing and creates the most beautiful video images. This drone is meant to focus only on the action. Airdog uses a gyroscope Stabilized Gimbal (holder) to ensure that your videos are stable, every time.

Airdog drone

Classification Drones

On Robots.nu we make the following subdivision into drones:

Toys drones, mostly for children and beginners
Hobby drones, these are drones with at least one camera.
Professional drones, with a camera and a wide range or a lot of autonomy

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