Cleaning robot

A cleaning robot can help you to scrub the floors or cleaning the gutters. While the cleaning robot goes its own way, you can focus on fun activities.

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LG Cleaning Robot
LG cleaning robot

The LG cleaning robot was initially designed to clean airports. The robot has an enlarged reservoir and several brushes and motors to remove dirt. A series of sensors is designed to ensure that the robot can navigate between people without causing accidents.

LG schoonmaakrobot

Wowwee Roboscooper

Get to know Roboscooper, a fun, friendly robot buddy who loves to clean up and help out. A smart electronic man capable of detecting and, provided it is not too big and not too heavy, cleaning up objects lying on the floor. Via a remote control you can adjust it if necessary.


Cleaning robot iRobot Braava
Braava mop robot

The iRobot Braava floor cleaning robot keeps the floor beautiful and is fast. The robot is charged within two hours and can last another four hours. You have to apply the cleaning wipes yourself, but that is not too difficult. The mop machine knows how long it has to continue through its built-in navigation system. The robot also avoids carpets, rugs and stairs by itself. This mop robot uses a GPS navigation system. This means that it always knows exactly where it has been and where it still needs to go to clean the entire floor. The system also works in the dark and is very quiet with a noise level of 35 decibels. So let the robot do its job.

Braava dweilrobot

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