Highest precision, tested reliability and perfection down to the last detail

Partner for science and research. The flexible application possibilities and the open interfaces of ScaraBot are also highly appreciated by our partners from science and research.

Within the framework of various research projects, we are working intensively with partners from science and research on the future of UAV systems in civilian use. The results flow directly into the development of new ScaraBot models. This enables us to offer you the latest technology at a very attractive price.

Products by Scarabot

Scarabot X8 drone
Scarabot X8

ScaraBot makes professional drones and delivers them in a finishing package. The Scarabot multicopters have been developed for professional applications with the goal of a much longer flight time and a weight below the critical limit of five kilograms (even with GoPro camera). After years of development, the best composers on the market have been used to develop a series that can be flexibly built up according to the needs of the user.

Scarabot X8

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