Intuition robotics

Breathing life into autonomous machines

We founded Intuition Robotics with the goal of positively impacting our everyday life through natural, helpful, and exciting new experiences powered by our technology. While our roots are in supporting older adults stay active and engaged, we've always been focused on the bigger picture: to define a new relationship between humans and machines. We’re excited to open up a new horizon of user experiences.
Intuition Robotics is led by a multidisciplinary team of machine learning and computer vision experts, full stack developers, interaction designers, roboticists and UX specialists.

Products by Intuition robotics

ELLIQ desktop robot
ElliQ a friendly robot in your daily life

ElliQ is a friendly, intelligent, intelligent, curious desktop robot in your daily life with tips and advice, answers to your questions, surprise you with suggestions. ElliQ makes it easy to get more out of the technology. From helping you read and respond to messages, sharing photos, making appointments to remembering medication.


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