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Robomow is a brand of the company Friendly Robotics. Robomow frees you from the task of mowing your lawn. They focus on making and selling the exciting new generation of robotic mowers.

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Robot lawnmower Robomow RX12U
Robomow RX12U

The Robomow RX12U is a robotic lawnmower with a cutting width of 18cm. It is suitable for mowing lawns up to 250m2 in ideal conditions (recommended 150m2), and slopes up to 8.5 degrees. It is equipped with an elevator and tilt sensor. In addition, it has a stronger mowing system than other robotic mowers designed for the same lawn areas. This robotic lawnmower mows faster than other robotic lawn mowers. Although Robomow is very powerful, it is also very quiet and you can enjoy your lawn while mowing. Thanks to the blades that mow outside the wheels, lawn edges can also be cut for an extra special Robomow finish. Keeps both your mower and curious little fingers safe and secure. The personal code prevents others from using your Robomow improperly. Never lose a knife again! The Robomow knives are extra strong, super-safe and deliver optimal and safe performance. The blades only need to be replaced once a year. Thanks to its modular design, you won't miss a single cut! The parts can be replaced quickly and intuitively, the user can quickly replace most parts himself, in order to reduce downtime in the peak season to a minimum. The blades of the Robomow stop rotating immediately when the mower is lifted or moved to a vertical position. If the bumper detects an obstacle, the blades stop and the Robomow changes direction. To prevent children from playing with the Robomow, you can turn on the child lock.

Robot lawnmower Robomow RC304h
Robomow RC304u

The Robomow RC304h with base station finds its own way into the garden and maintains lawns up to 500 m2. You won't find any feathers of grass along the lawn edges. The mower takes every piece of grass with it because it also mows outside its wheels. Choose in advance the desired height of the grass and the moments when you want the fully automatic mower to do its job. Do you want to control it in between? That's where the Robomow App, which you control via your iPhone or Android phone, comes in. The RC304h can operate for up to 50 minutes with a charged battery, but is fully charged after 70 minutes. So you have the RC304h all season not to worry about your lawn.

Robot lawnmower Robomow RC308u
Robomow RC308u

Your lawn will be neatly maintained with the Robomow RC308h, while you sit in your lazy chair. The compact and manoeuvrable robotic lawnmower can easily handle gardens up to 800 m2 in size. You lay the 200-metre perimeter wire around the lawn once, set the desired cutting height and the robotic lawn mower does the rest. Interim control is done via the Robomow App. The rain sensor stops working when it starts splashing. By shredding the cut grass, the lawn soil is immediately fertilised. With the RC308h you are fully equipped.

Robot lawnmower Robomow RS615u
Robomow RS615u

A large lawn is nice to have, but a little less nice to maintain. You don't have to do that anymore with the Robomow RS615h in your home. You lay the perimeter wire once, set the cutting program and your robotic lawnmower starts working. You can make interim adjustments with the free Robomow App. The robot has a floating deck, so it cuts evenly on uneven surfaces. The two sharp blades and the impact, tilt and waist sensors ensure that it operates effectively and safely. Your lawn is always shining thanks to the RS615h.


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