They mow, you don’t!

Etesia is part of the Wolf group, with more than 50 years of experience in gardening. ETESIA is located in Alsace, the heart of the European market, and has an ultramodern production unit. To make lawn mowing a pleasant activity, Etesia makes lawn mowers and robotic lawn mowers, deforestation mowers and riding mowers as easy as possible to use and maintain.

Products by Etesia

Etesia ETm105 professional robotic lawnmower
Etesia ETm105

The ETm105 is the most powerful model in the series. It has a cutting width of 1.05m. With its high capacity, it can mow very large areas: golf courses, soccer fields, racecourses... It uses very little electricity and breaks all records in terms of economy!

Etesia etm105
Etesia ETm65 professional robotic lawnmower
Etesia ETm65

The ETm65 is the ideal model for authorities and companies with many green areas, for whom lawn mowing is time consuming and labour intensive in terms of labour costs.

Etesia ETm65
Etesia ETm44 professional robotic lawnmower
Etesia ETm44

The ETm44 is the model for the private user with a large garden. In terms of dimensions and cutting capacity, this model is smaller than the ETm105 and ETm65, but in terms of reliability, high quality manufacture, safety and programming capabilities, the ETm44 is no less than the larger models. The ideal lawnmower for people with medium-sized gardens who prefer to spend their time on other things than lawnmowing.

Etesia ETm44

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