Fewer chemicals and a healthier world

Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaners is a fast growing company within the Yofee Corporation. They manufacture high quality automatic pool cleaners. Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaners are specialists concerning products that clean your pool and ensure its hygiene.

Products by Aquabot

Bravo Smart aquabot
Bravo Smart

Bravo brushes, filters and sucks all the impurities from the main floor of the pool. The large reusable filter bag is quick and easy to clean in a bucket of water. The Aquabot Bravo require no further maintenance. An intelligent computer searches the fastest way to clean your pool. After 1 hour, the Aquabot ready and stops automatically with the timer. The Aquabot Bravo is the only pool cleaner on the market that works on 12V. A handy storage cart (Buggy) is used for moving the Aquabot with cable and transformer.

Bravo Smart

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