Unsere Roboter-Website bietet einen Überblick über Veranstaltungen für Robotik-Interessierte. Zu den Veranstaltungen gehören unter anderem ein interessanter Austausch, Promotion-Tage und Spiele.



Latest news about Roboter-Events

Interesting robots at CES 2018

Interessante robots op CES 2018Interessante robots op CES 2018.jpg Every year, the latest electronics and robotics are presented at the CES. The fair gives a foretaste... more

Happy holidays and an inspiring 2018 wishful year

On behalf of the team behind we wish you happy holidays. 2017 was a beautiful robot year. ... more

PowerEgg (drone) Design Challenge

PowerEgg (drone) Design ChallengePowerEgg (drone) Design Challenge.jpg The PowerEgg drone has a unique shape. The drone is built to be easy to transport, see our previous ... more

Humanoid robot Sophia visiting the Netherlands

Humanoid robot Sophia op bezoek in NederlandRobot Sophia op bezoek in Nederland.jpg De hoofdgast op Bright Day op 24 en 25 november 2018 is de sociale humanoid Sophia van Hanson Roboti... more

Getting to know the future

Kennismaken met de toekomstKennismaken-met-de-toekomst.jpg Stadkamer and RobotXperience will introduce visitors to the future. From 3 to 7 October 2018, Stadka... more

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